Single Chair...Reupholstered

Sunday, May 20, 2012

 My wonderful sister had picked this chair up for me at her local thrift store and thought I could do something with it.  Which I totally did!! :)

Here's what she looked like...can you see the potential?!
 So to begin we must first remove all the old fabric and padding...Yuck!

 Then we need to sand the wood so the paint will stick better, just a quick sand job nothing to crazy!  Because of my fabric choice I thought black would look really good with it.  I painted two coats and then distressed the edges.  Followed by some furniture wax to give it that smooth feel.

 Talk about an improvement!!  The linen fabric with black swirls is gorgeous!  This chair will soon be available for purchase from our Etsy store!

I love how the arms look like fingers! :)


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