Update on Our Home Const.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

We stopped by our home yesterday to check on the progress...Wow it's really coming along now!  Not only do we have walls but we have texture on them plus some tile work has been done and our fireplace is in it's home!!!

 My wonderful kitchen...nice Gatorade bottle left by a worker!!
Entrance to our master bedroom...those boxes contain our kitchen cabinets, can't wait to see those installed!

 I love the detail on the ceiling in here...

Our tile in the master bath!

The foyer...

 The basement...I'm actually quite surprised how tall the ceilings are down here, it doesn't feel closed in!

 Carter's Bedroom!!

Stucco is done, now they need to paint it and the tile roof is loaded, just need to instal them!!  Our doors and trim arrived and were unloaded in the garage while we were there too!

43 more days til closing...OMG!!!


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