Anthropologie Inspired Wall Decor

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I was inspired by this gorgeous wall decor from Anthropologie but not it's hefty price tag!!

So I thought I'd make one!!  I of course altered mine slightly as I only wanted to duplicate the concept not the whole thing!!

I started with 3 boards that were from a pallet, I sanded them and sanded them cause they were really wicked!!

I then painted them a light blue, one coat was all it needed.

I printed this whimsical tree on 4 different pages so that my image was large enough.

I then used carbon paper to transfer the image on my boards, I traced the imaged with my son's stylus from his DS, it works great!!
Sorry...hard to see!!

I then painted in the tree with a creamy white, whew that took a while!!  Once all was dry I lightly sanded everything to distress it.

I then used my antique glaze to give it that aged look and then finished with two coats of polyurethane.

And the final result...

I screwed the boards to two small pieces of wood to hold it all together and then added picture hangers to them but you could also set it on a shelf or on the mantel over your fireplace.  Either way I think this turned out great!!


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