Progress on our Home Construction!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our house is finally looking like a house...we are soooooo excited!

Yeah, some walls!
 Wow, we were gone for a few days and now we have a roof, and windows and...

 some siding!!

My kitchen, look at the size of my center island, it's HUGE!

 Why hello there fireplace, can't wait to see you resting in your new home!

 Carter was so excited to see they put the stairs in, now he can go down to his bedroom!

 and here's his bedroom!

It looks like a house, now I can't wait to see the stucco and the tile roof put on!

What a journey this has already been, we just set our closing date for November can't come soon enough!


julie cavender said...

It's always exciting the see the progress. Just wait til the sheet rock goes up...then you'll really be able to tell how things are going to look.

Alli @ Trina Rose Boutique said...

Thanks Julie...I know I can't wait. We had a pre-drywall meeting this morning and it sounds like they will be starting the drywall this weekend! Yeah!!!

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