Playing with Annie Sloan Paint

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I picked up this gorgeous 1950's fan that was in pretty rough shape.  So we took it all apart and replaced the cord then I painted it first with Paris Grey and then applied a coat of Aubusson Blue and lightly distressed it to show the Grey through.

I really like how it turned out!

I also picked up an iron wall plaque with hooks.  I painted it with cream and when it was dry I distressed it so now it's showing the original color in those spots.

I can't wait to play some more with these incredible paints!!


Sommer said...

Arent they great?! I'm loving mine. Only been using them a week and already I want three more colors lol.

Alli @ Trina Rose Boutique said...

I know...I like want them all!! I can't get enough! So many's amazing! :-)

daydreamsdustbunnies said...

The fan is great, but I'm partial to the wall plaque. It's just too cute!

Heather said...

Are these in your store?! Love them both!

Alli @ Trina Rose Boutique said...

Hey Heather, no they are no longer here, they both have been sold!! :)

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