My New Etsy Purchases

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hey Guys, I just bought some new items from some lovely Etsy shop owners and I thought I'd share them with you!

The first item is a purse organizer that I needed for a purse that a friend of mine made.  I love how well it was constructed, it's very sturdy and sooo cute!!

Look at all the compartments, no more digging in the bottom of my purse for keys!!
Check out her shop at Divide and Conquer

The next two items I bought were an adorable coffee sleeve and a privacy pouch!
I wanted the coffee sleeve not only for coffee cups but also for a metal water bottle I have the gets really cold!!  I love the turquoise fabric on it!

Ok, the last one was the privacy pouch!  No more mishaps with the old lady items!! LOL :)  This is the best thing ever!!  I love how you can fit 3 tampons plus your pads in it and no one has to know what's inside.

I couldn't be more happy with these items!
Her shop is Eco Hip Custom Designs

By the way here's a pic of my totally awesome purse that Molly at Mojo Purses made for me!

What talented lady's!!


Teresa Kline said...

wow, you have gotten yourself some amazing new items...thanks for sharing and for the links...hope your weekend is awesome!

enjoy *~*

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